Blob Dash takes place in the galaxy of Obozz, home of the Obo, a race of cute peaceful blobs. One day Lord Gaggletron attacks their galaxy and using his mind control crystals transforms the nearby Obo into monsters who blindly serve him.

Your job is to lead surviving Obo by placing blocks, bombs, traps and other gadgets in their path to reunite them in liberating their galaxy from Lord Gaggletron and his crystals.

  • 18 Puzzles ranging from simple to challenging.
  • 3D environments with detailed textures and squish-able blobs
  • Evil enemy blob.
  • 4 place-abe objects: blocks, bombs, traps, and one passes.
  • Prefect badges. ("For those who like to master the game" Blob Dash Team.)
Level 3: Round Round

The level will have more blocks in the next update.